Category Management Masterclass
4 Days. A lifetime of benefit.

30th & 31st Aug and 6th & 7th Sep 2022

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Deliver better outcomes from your category management process.

In four fast-paced sessions, we will explore the tools, techniques and methods that category managers can deploy at the various stages of the category management process.

Develop a deeper understanding of the end-to-end category management process.

Gain more confidence in the deployment of specific tools which may be appropriate at each phase.

Design winning category strategies

Develop category plans for a range of different levels of complexity and match the degree of rigour to the complexity of the category.

Learn how to pitch the benefits of category management to stakeholders

Take a deep dive into technique that will allow you to better pitch the benefits of your category strategies.

Work with suppliers to manage demand and achieve desired category outcomes.

Gain more confidence in the deployment of specific tools which may be appropriate at each phase so you can successfully work with suppliers to deliver your category strategy.

Category Management Masterclass
This is what’s involved ...

Short course

12 hours total
over 4 days

Relevant content

Real life
case studies

Online convenience

Virtual face-to-face

Breakout sessions

Fun activities, quizzes
and discourse


Exercises to apply in
your workplace

Expert advisor


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“It gave me a totally different perspective outside of just following process.”

A fantastic course! Gives you great good insight into supplier behaviours.”

Excellent presenter.
Humorous with relevant case studies and stories.”

“It is a great course with a lot of valuable information on managing minor and major contracts.”

  • Approved: This course is approved by the Queensland Government and is made available
    under a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) QGP002-2018
    to all Australian Government Departments and Agencies at Federal and State Level.

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On completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the end to end category management process and identify the activities and tools that may be used at each phase of the process
  • Describe the role of the category manager during the process and give examples of how value may be added at each phase.
  • Develop category plans for a range of different levels of complexity and match the degree of rigour to the complexity of the category.
  • Distinguish between purchasing, sourcing, procurement and category management and be capable of pitching the benefits of category management to stakeholders.
  • Develop strategies to manage demand as well as supplier performance and demonstrate appropriate behaviours to achieve desired category outcomes.

In turn this will help you:

  • Build resilient supply chains and promote participation in sustainable programs.


Ben Smith

Specialist in:

Contract Management,
Contract Negotiation and Stakeholder Management


Postgraduate in Strategic Procurement,
Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and Bachelor of Economics

Paul Rogers FCIPS

Ben is a procurement and contracts specialist with a wealth of experience that spans both the public and private sectors, working internationally and domestically for over 20 years in procurement/contract management.

Ben’s breadth of industry experience covers health services, health consumables, health ICT, capital infrastructure (mining, water/wastewater), water services, ports, airports, professional services, health/fitness and general goods and services.

Ben’s passion is transforming procurement teams from process focused blockers, to outcome achieving enablers. In addition, Ben has considerable experience in generating value from large procurement projects, particularly at the negotiation phase.

He is highly skilled at strategically approaching negotiations through forward planning of clearly delineated boundaries and then implementing strategy with key negotiation techniques such as competitive tension, threat, logic etc.

A ‘must do’ course for category managers who want to develop winning strategies and deliver better category outcomes for their organisation.

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