Certified International
Supply Chain Professional (CISCP)

The CIPP program is typically aimed at people who are starting their career in procurement and want to assume a more tactical responsibility (as opposed to operational).

The program takes a generalist approach on procurement, concentrating on the fundamentals, but with a focus on tactical procurement skills, market analysis, sourcing, negotiation, etc.The program is ideal for junior buyers looking for a first professional certification.

It will allow you to understand the key processes in procurement and help build the professional knowledge and competencies that employers are looking for. Subjects that are treated in the program include:

  • RFP Management & eSourcing
  • (Advanced) Negotiation Techniques
  • Legal Issues in Procurement
  • Finance Essentials
  • Procure to Pay (P2P) Management
  • Contract or Supplier Performance Management
  • Introduction to Project Management


Certified International Advanced
Supply Chain Professional (CIASCP)

The CIAPP program is designed for more seasoned procurement professionals who want to improve on their tactical skills and seek to evolve to a more strategic or managerial position within a procurement department.

Hence, more strategic topics such as category management, supplier relationship management etc. have a more prominent place in the curriculum.

In addition to the topics above (which will be addressed more in depth) the program also provides courses on:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Legal & Economical aspects of contracts
  • Cost management
  • Category management
  • SRM or Supplier Relationship management
  • Value management
  • Coaching (GROW Model)


More about these accreditations.

The Procurement Leadership Program seeks to further enhance
procurement performance.

These workshops are dedicated to opening pathways to enable you to perform at your peak. By joining
in these highly focused workshops you will leverage your collective strengths to create a landscape of positive
change and deliver ongoing, sustainable results for the business.

What are the admission criteria?

With an intense focus on application in your daily work practices, it is crucial you are already active in a procurement, contract management or category management role.

This is the major pre-requisite for accessing the CIPP and CIAPP programs. For those who want to enter the advanced CIAPP program, it is beneficial to have a Master’s degree, or at the least a Bachelors degree together with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience in a procurement role.

How long will it take to get certified?

The online training allows you to study at your own pace.

The CIPP program can normally be completed within one year (assuming +/- 5 hours of study/month). For the CIAPP program, this will typically take 18 months to complete (assuming +/- 5 hours of study/month).

How can I apply?

Simply complete the application form on this page.

Please make sure that you provide ample evidence that you are fulfilling the admission criteria for the curriculum of your choice. After reviewing your application, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to set-up your account and to get you started on your training journey.

What does the IFPSM certificate mean?

The IFPSM is the umbrella association of 48 national and regional purchasing associations worldwide.

With more than 250,000 purchasing professionals it is the largest and most global representative of the procurement and supply chain industry. The IFPSM’s main goal is to significantly increase procurement professionalism for all buyers worldwide. For more info visit www.ifpsm.org

In order to further professionalize the profession, and in an attempt to bridge the gap between education and the demand from employers, the IFPSM undertook a major research project called the “Global Standard”. This Global Standard establishes clear, objective criteria for the assessment and accreditation of educational programs of bachelor level. Programs meeting the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard have objectively demonstrated their ability to produce graduates who meet a rigorous world standard for procurement professionals.

When you join Procurement Academy’s CIPP and CIAPP programs you are joining a program with a rigorous set of established standards and competencies for those engaged in an active procurement role. The designations are recognized credentials throughout the world. Once attained they signify that you as an individual have achieved a specific level of world-class training and experience and demonstrate an established level of knowledge necessary to competently perform the work of a corporate buyer.

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