To meet a growing demand from individual procurement professionals for vocational training and certification, we have developed two course programs that can be completed on an individual basis and that lead to a valuable globally recognized certificate.
Until recently, Comprara’s Academy of Procurement in conjunction with Procurement Academy and IFPSM only offered its academies and programs to corporate procurement departments composed of 20 people or more. Now, for the first time, you can get individual access to this unique set of online materials and unlock the door to advancing your career.

In conjunction with the IFPSM, we have developed a well-balanced learning plan for two procurement-professional profiles of different experience levels.
These programs are delivered completely online and are essentially self-directed. You can learn wherever and whenever you see fit, at your own pace. A dedicated support team is there to help you and to make sure that you do not fall behind on your schedule.
The course material consists of highly interactive e-learning, online simulations, reading assignments and application-based tasks. These all have one thing in common: as opposed to the more theoretical courses, these courses are scenario-based and designed to be applied in practice. They are practical courses that are relevant to your everyday experiences on the job.




With an intense focus on application in your daily work practices, it is crucial you are already active in a procurement, contract management or category management role. This is the major pre-­requisite for accessing the CIPP and CIAPP programs.
For those who want to enter the advanced CIAPP program, it is beneficial to have a Master’s degree, or at the least a Bachelors degree together with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience in a procurement role.


Procurement Academy applies a one-off charge that covers all of the costs for a given program. There are no hidden fees or extras.



The online training allows you to study at your own pace. The CIPP program can normally be completed within one year (assuming +/-­ 5 hours of study/month). For the CIAPP program, this will typically take 18 months to complete (assuming +/-­ 5 hours of study/month).


The IFPSM is the umbrella association of 48 national and regional purchasing associations worldwide. With more than 250,000 purchasing professionals it is the largest and most global representative of the procurement and supply chain industry. The IFPSM’s main goal is to significantly increase procurement professionalism for all buyers worldwide. For more info visit

In order to further professionalize the profession, and in an attempt to bridge the gap between education and the demand from employers, the IFPSM undertook a major research project called the “Global Standard”. This Global Standard establishes clear, objective criteria for the assessment and accreditation of educational programs of bachelor level. Programs meeting the Purchasing and Supply Global Standard have objectively demonstrated their ability to produce graduates who meet a rigorous world standard for procurement professionals.

When you join Procurement Academy’s CIPP and CIAPP programs you are joining a program with a rigorous set of established standards and competencies for those engaged in an active procurement role. The designations are recognized credentials throughout the world. Once attained they signify that you as an individual have achieved a specific level of world-­class training and experience and demonstrate an established level of knowledge necessary to competently perform the work of a corporate buyer.


Simply complete the application form, using the link below.
Please make sure that you provide ample evidence that you are fulfilling the admission criteria for the curriculum of your choice.
After reviewing your application, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to set-up your account and to get you started on your training journey.


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