Commercial Acumen Course
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August 17th & 18th 2022

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Developing your commercial acumen will accelerate you toward your goals, professionally and personally. The art of having commercial acumen is understanding the mechanics behind it. When you understand the ‘dimensions of power’, who has it ... who doesn’t ... and how it shifts - then you can adapt your approach to make the advantage yours.

This tailored Commercial Acumen course gives you this in 8 hours.

The Academy is offering a purpose-built course providing practical content on commercial acumen.
Delivered by one of Australia’s top Procurement deal makers Paul Rogers, this unique short course offers you acumen in spades which you can apply immediately.

It’s fast, practical, affordable and incredibly eye opening!

Commercial Acumen Course
This is what’s involved ...

Short course

8 hours total
over 2 days

Relevant content

Real life
case studies

Online convenience

Virtual face-to-face

Breakout sessions

Fun activities, quizzes
and discourse


Exercises to apply in
your workplace

Expert advisor


Here’s what others
have said ...

“It gave me a totally different perspective outside of just following process.”

A fantastic course! Gives you great good insight into supplier behaviours.”

Excellent presenter.
Humorous with relevant case studies and stories.”

“It is a great course with a lot of valuable information on managing minor and major contracts.”

  • Approved: This course is approved by the Queensland Government and is made available
    under a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) QGP002-2018
    to all Australian Government Departments and Agencies at Federal and State Level.

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You will learn:

  • how to demystify the motivators affecting both sides of the buyer/supplier interface gives you leverage;
  • to improve your ability to execute processes that will deliver better business outcomes - fast;
  • how to better balance risk, probity and cost to significantly improve the value for money you deliver ... every time;
  • how to apply these strategies practically and improve your decision making nous resulting in better and smarter judgements;

In turn this will help you:

  • accelerate toward achieving your
    goals quickly and skillfully.


Paul Rogers FCIPS

Specialist in:

Commercial Acumen,
Procurement Leadership
Stakeholder Influencing

Paul Rogers FCIPS

Paul is a thought leader and an experienced consultant with a track record of innovation and successful engagements developed over 35 years. Paul has worked in more than 20 countries and is an internationally acknowledged expert on procurement and negotiation.

As a consultant, Paul has a track record of leading consulting teams, winning work through stakeholder engagement and through completing bids, and in delivering successful assignments. He delivers solutions, services and tools to organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Sectoral experience includes national government (in New Zealand), and in Australia Federal Government Departments, State Governments, Local Authorities, Defence, Universities, as well blue chip private sector clients, SMEs and third sector organisations.

Paul knows what ‘good’ looks like. He coaches to improve performance and achieve greatness. This applies to ‘hard’ procurement content and ‘soft’ interpersonal skills.

A unique,‘must do’ course for commercial professionals dealing with contracts, negotiations, key relationships and who are ready to take their skill-set to a whole new level.

Yes! I want to ‘boost my commercial acumen’ so count me in!

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