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Unlimited access to #1 Procurement e-Learning Toolkit where you will find relevant content and tools all in one place. This is considered the Global Standard in learning for Procurement Teams worldwide, with 300,000+ participants working in 200+ corporate clients across 100+ countries.

The Procurement Pro Toolkit is designed to provide you with the support, tools and solutions you need to be more effective, influential and competitive in the procurement space. Professionals around the world use it to improve, grow and kick goals across every facet of their job.

It’s the Swiss Army knife of procurement toolkits, empowering you to plan, start, organise, manage and achieve across all your procurement activities.

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“I regularly negotiate with suppliers and internal clients, it was useful to get some tips and traps to add to my 'tool kit'.”

“I will definitely apply the Kraljic Matrix when considering procurement options”

I didn't know about 'silent extensions' so I will watch out for those.”

Don't say 'yes' in any contract talks unless you mean it!”

“This has enabled us to really drive forward the learning agenda within both our procurement and supply chain teams.”

“We have been able to ensure the team has a structured, competency-based learning plan that allows our people to develop and grow ... The depth and quality of the available material is very good.”

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Practical Business Skills Built
Around 10 Core Competencies

  • Sourcing
  • Negotiation
  • Legal
  • Finance & Costs
  • Operational Procurement
  • Supply & Contract Management
  • Category Management
  • Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Digital Procurement


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On Offer are Two Globally Recognised Accreditations
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2. Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP)

107 Hours

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