Fast-track you skills with the unique LEAP approach!

Step 1

  • Theory to be covered in your own time. (Circa 1 hour)
  • Pre-workshop theory provided. Where applicable, review e-Learning videos

Step 2

  • Half day (4 hour) practical workshop & group activities
  • Book either Session 1 from 9am to 1pm or Session 2 from 2pm to 6pm

Step 3

  • Post-workshop activities provided for you to practically apply learning in your work environment.

Step 4

  • Now it is up to you to implement your learnings, coach colleagues and identify which LEAP you are going to do next
Contract &

Procurement Technical (Hard Skills)


201The real value of the TCO model

202Why labels and ‘pigeon holes’ don’t work

203The secret of success for Specs and Scopes

204From 3 quotes to ‘strategic’ sourcing

205The craft of the negotiation alchemist

206Strangling your supplier is a thing of the past

207My suppliers are just as important as my customers

208Stop history from repeating itself

209Turning big data into big insights

210Window shopping costs you nothing

211When you should and when you shouldn’t…know your limits

212Avoiding the weapons of mass disruption

213Fight and flights, and other negotiation tactics

214The perpetual benefits process

215‘Value creation’…and other dirty words

216Do we stay or do we go now?

Behavioural Competence (Soft Skills)

217Be careful of the’rose tinted’ glasses

218Get your stakeholders on the map

219Get above the ‘tree line’and resolve the true issues

220Effective communication in a commercial world

221Do your suppliers sell to your stakeholders better than you do?

222Laggards are usually left behind

223Building co-operation with your suppliers

224“Its not fair” and other conflicts

Financial, Legal and Operational (Hard Skills)

225The ‘weird observer’ in the cornor

226Are you suppliers as financially strong as you would like?

227An MBA … in a nutshell!

228Is it a term, a condition, warrenty or a gurantee ? Speaking ‘legalese’

229How to bargain with flair

230Own the contract like you wrote it

231Smoke and Mirrors : Defining and tracking procurement benefits

232Getting LEAN in your Procurement practices

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