Contract Management

Contract Management is the activity to ensure the contractual agreements are executed as agreed. The main tasks are performance and relationship management. It is a segmented approach and depending on the importance of the contract, people spend more or less time on each task.

The contract management competence includes: How to measure and improve supplier performance. How to manage issue resolution. How to manage stakeholders.  How to manage risks. How to handle contract administration. How to conduct Supplier Development workshops.

Contract Management eLearning Courses

Following are the eLearning courses for Contract Management –

Introduction to Contract Management (Supplier Performance Management)

What is it?
Contract Management is ensuring contracts are executed as agreed. It is about managing contracts, after they have been signed. Emphasis on working with internal customers and supplier performance management.

Why is it important?
Self-assessment: how is contract management done in your company?

Contract Management – Supplier Performance Measurement

A short introduction for junior buyers on SMART Supplier Performance Measurement.
Learn to establish KPI’s: availability, supplier quality, delivery performance.
Data capturing from simple to extensive depending on the importance of the contract.

Corporate Governance of Contract Management

The 3 pillars of contract management explained – supplier relationship management, performance management, contract administration management

Contract Management in practice

How does contract management work in practice?
A practical scenario with a major focus on relationship with internal customer.

Contract Management – Supplier Development

What is supplier development?
Which supplier to develop?
PDCA cycle.
Practical scenario. 

SLA or Service Level Agreement

Defines SLA’s and their components.
Explains how to evaluate supplier SLA’s.
Provides practical guidelines on using SLA’s to improve performance.


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