Legal Contracting

When companies’ exports or imports goods from international suppliers, they will need to understand and comply with laws and regulations set out by the country’s governments. These rules are in place to allow the country to manage its trades with other countries. Employees will need to ensure they are up to date with these trade rules to avoid any fines or seizure of goods.

In this course learn how to implement a legally binding contract once the awarding decision from the RFP process has been taken and how to use legal terms and conditions. Understand how to limit contractual risks and manage legal issues or resolve disputes. Understand the statutory rights of a buyer. You will also learn how to terminate a contract. Understand sustainability regulations, intellectual property law for supply chain and global trade compliance. Gain in-depth knowledge of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

The following are the eLearning courses for Legal Contract –

Basic Principles of a contract

What is a contract?
Difference between ‘invitation to treat’, ‘counter offer’ and a ‘contract’.
Is an oral contract valid?
Which contracts needs to be written by law?
What is battle of forms and how to avoid it?
Framework agreements & E-contracts.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

Defines SLA’s and their components.
Explains how to evaluate supplier SLA’s.
Provides practical guidelines on using SLA’s to improve performance.

Sustainability Regulation

Understand how sustainability regulations can impact on the supply chain.
As there is likely to be more freight used to transport goods, the EU will look to address this through encouraging organisations to approach planning and execution of the supply chain with sustainable practises in mind.

Termination of a Contract

Ways to terminate a contract in case of poor supplier performance.
Remedial clauses (what is it/when to use).
Liquidated damages clause.
Penalty clause Equitable damages clause.

Statutory Rights of a Buyer

What are your rights if some terms in contract are missing or are badly specified?
Title of ownership.
Unfair contract terms.
Remedies (rights of a buyer in case of breach of condition or warranty).

Resolving Disputes

Benefits of avoiding legal proceedings, Importance of exit clauses, ADR
Alternate Dispute Resolution methods: Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration

Global Trade compliance

Government import export regulations.
Global free trade agreements.
Import duties and taxes


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