Warehousing is an essential part of the supply chain, and poor management of the warehouse can lead to issues further down the supply chain. Staff will learn various aspects of warehouse operations to best practices within the warehouse itself.

In this module you will learn best practices in warehouse operations, including receiving, putaway, order picking, packaging and shipping. You will understand the concept of lean warehousing, eliminate waste in the warehouse, fire safety and handling of dangerous goods.

Following are the eLearning courses for Warehousing –

Introduction to Warehousing

Types of warehouses, why we need warehouses, how warehousing affects profit.

Importance of Warehouse Operations


Learn how seemingly small errors made in the warehouse can have a big impact on customer satisfaction and the profitability of a company.


Warehouse Safety

This course identifies all the important health and safety risks in warehouses, and how to prevent them.
The main audience for this are the workers on the warehouse floor (and their supervisors).
Of course, management would also get a good understanding of the issues involved, but it is not about putting in place management systems to prevent accidents but rather is about practical steps workers should take to prevent accidents.
Topics covered include health and safety on docks, forklifts, conveyors, storage, ergonomics (e.g. moving your feet when turning while carrying a heavy box, not putting heavy boxes on high shelves, etc.), recharging stations, chemical spills, and accident prevention.
It is based on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States) standards and EU-OSHA (the EU equivalent).

Warehouse Operations

Receiving and putaway, order picking, packing, loading and shipping.


Warehouse Design

Deciding on the size and location of a warehouse.
Optimally organizing the space within the warehouse.

Lean Warehousing I – Eliminating Waste

The principles and objectives of Lean.
Eliminating waste in the warehouse.

Lean Warehousing II – Value Stream Mapping and Standardization

Value Stream mapping and standardization of warehouse processes.


Lean Warehousing III – Visibility, Continuous Improvement and Lean Culture

The importance of visibility in Lean, using PDCA for continuous improvement, Lean culture.


Receiving & Putaway Best Practices

Value-creating receiving and putaway, receiving checklist, trade-offs in receiving and putaway.

Order Picking & Shipping Best Practices

Impact of order picking errors, avoiding order picking errors, pick lists.



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