Order Management

An Order Management System (OMS) is used by organizations to create, execute and track the status of each order as it moves through the system. Order Management System are most commonly software based and provide a cost-effective way to keep on top of many different orders simultaneously.

In this module you will learn how to manage the “Order to Cash” – cycle, starting from the time an order is received, until the ordered goods are delivered and payment for the goods is received. You will also learn how to order promising using “Available to Promise” and “Capable to Promise”, schedule the order fulfilment activities, including picking, packaging, shipping, delivery and invoicing.

Following are the eLearning courses for Order Management –

Order Management Overview

Introductory course on order management: the order to cash cycle,  order management for make-to-stock products, order management for make-to-order products.

Order Processing

The steps in order processing, how to do an availability check, trade-offs in order processing.

Logistics Scheduling

Steps in logistics scheduling, how to schedule a delivery, how to create a delivery document.

Perfect Order Fulfilment

What is a perfect order, why perfect orders are important, how we can ensure perfect orders.


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