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Writing Tender Evaluation Reports

This intensive workshop explores the knowledge and skills needed to write more effective tender evaluation reports and to manage upwards when briefing reviewers and senior decision-makers.


This intensive workshop aims to develop the capability to write tender evaluation reports that are both compliant with organisational governance, and which contain sufficient information to enable the recommendation to be approved on the first presentation. Highly participative, the workshop is delivered without PowerPoint slides and maybe run over one day or two half-day sessions.

This course is designed for:

The workshop will benefit those who are responsible for preparing and evaluation reports, and those who influence reviewers or senior decision-makers responsible for evaluating tender evaluation recommendations

Course structure

The workshop is founded on 70/20/10 principles, and there will be pre- and post-workshop activities totaling about 60 minutes additional workload. The workshop is based around eight practical activities in a workbook, ensuring that the workshop is practical, fast-paced and participatory.

Pre- and post-workshop activities are designed to stimulate thought about the needs and legitimate expectations of reviewers and decision-makers, as well as understanding good practice in drafting technical documents in simple English.

Benefits of attending

Attendance will help build an understanding of the needs, concerns, and issues of reviewers and senior decision-makers and also orientate attendees around the content and style of evaluation report.

As well as this participants will gain three key benefits from attending:

  • More understanding of how to match the rigor of the tender evaluation report to the complexity and/or value of the project and or category addressed in the tender evaluation report
  • More understanding of the importance of addressing risks in the procurement process and ensure that the evaluation report is comprehensive in terms of content
  • Less likelihood that reviewers and governance forums will request further information or reject evaluation reports on first presentation

Key learning outcomes

  • Anticipate the questions, concerns and issues that reviewers and decision makers may have about the tender evaluation process for a range of different projects.
  • Describe a variety of ways to engage with and influence senior managers prior to review meetings, and tailor the approach to match the preferences of the stakeholder
  • Write tender evaluation reports that conform to the organization’s preferred templates structure and style
  • Draft the content of evaluation reports with a level of rigor appropriate for the risk and complexity of the project or category
  • Identify good practice in writing in plain English


Course Content


  • What are the general and specific concerns of governance groups and how do individual Managers differ in the preferred style of receiving information?
  • What are the specific risks in the procurement process which governance groups expect to be addressed in tender evaluation reports?
  • How can the organization’s Tender Evaluation template be completed to ensure that all relevant risks are addressed?
  • What are the contents of the organisation’s Tender Evaluation Report, and how can we determine which content is relevant to which section?
  • How can we match the rigour of the evaluation report to the complexity and risk of the project or category?
  • How can we write technical documents in plain English and avoid either too much or too little detail for the reviewers?
  • How can we communicate both qualitative and quantitative information in written communication, so that it is readily understood by time-poor executives based that content that is presented to them orally and in writing?

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