Intermediate Courses

Probity for Commercial Managers

This intensive workshop explores the Probity issues challenging those involved in Procurement.


This workshop aims to equip delegates with an appreciation of the current issues related to Probity in Procurement and Commercial Management.

This course is designed for:

The workshop will benefit anyone involved in procurement – in particular for those working in the public sector including federal, state, local government and not-for-profit entities.

Course structure

A practical one-day workshop consisting of nine sessions involving examples, case studies, presentations and trainer-facilitated discussions. Each of the sessions will be led by an experienced facilitator and will feature the key principles and practical methods for dealing with Probity issues in Procurement.

Benefits of attending

Attendance will help raise awareness of probity issues for the Procurement Professional, including:

  • An appreciation of the rationale behind probity issues
  • An understanding of how probity issues can arrive in various stages of Procurement processes
  • Insight into lessening risk on probity issues in Procurement

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the probity requirement across a range of probity pitfalls at the various stages of the procurement process
  • Awareness in managing Conflict of Interest
  • Awareness of how to treat probity issues as they arise


Course Content



  • What Can Go Wrong
  • Probity v Process – the Differences
  • Best Practice Codes
  • Entity Specific Process Manuals and Policies
  • The Role of Checklists

Probity and Process and Interrelation with Procurement

  • Role of probity in the process
  • Probity Process and Contract where the differences
  • Differing probity processes at different stages in a procurement process
  • The Probity Role in the Hierarchy
  • Probity v Procurement Roles
  • Probity, Process and Audit
  • External and Internal Approaches
  • The role of Procurement and Corporate Counsel

Probity and process – in Contract Formation

  • Benefits of a Good Paper Trail
  • Appropriate Person
  • Delegation and Staffing
  • External and Internal Approaches
  • Probity Oversight?

Probity and process – Contract Management

  • Who
  • Paper Trial
  • Why

Probity and process – Contract Enforcement

  • Correspondence, discussions and waiver
  • The Need to Document
  • Responsibility – Procurement v Probity
  • External and Internal Approaches

Probity and process – Contract Termination

  • Correspondence, discussions and waiver
  • The Need to Document
  • External and Internal Approaches

Staff Training & Review

  • Training in Process
  • Training in Probity
  • Resilience and Review of Process

Probity in Action – Advice and Audit

  • Probity advice – nature and role
  • Probity audits – nature and role
  • How to deal with issues arisinhg
  • When things go wrong – Action Stations
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