How to Score 10 out of 10 With Your Supplier Relationship

A good supplier relationship can produce benefits for you that go beyond simply providing you with goods and services. But if the base of your relationship with a supplier is starting to crumble, it could cost you in other ways than just the price of their goods or services.


A good supplier is an expert in their field. They know their products and services inside out. So who better to advise you on how to maximise the use of their goods and services than the suppliers themselves. But without a good supplier relationship, you could be missing out on access to their specialised knowledge and advice, and lose benefits that could add to the profitability of your business.


You always want the best quality your supplier can provide. But if your relationship with a supplier is heading south, the quality of goods and services provided by that supplier may start to go in the same direction. And if you have to return poor quality products, it takes cash from your bottom line.  In a worst-case scenario, you may have to source another supplier, which could take a considerable amount of time and effort.


When you have a good relationship with a supplier, you should be confident that not only have you been able to negotiate the best price for their goods and services, but they could be open to a review and agree to a better deal if you increase orders from them over time. Without a good relationship, a supplier may just stick to their guns and refuse to budge over the initial price arrangement.


In a good supplier relationship, your supplier will no doubt have delivery timelines to meet to ensure that vital inventory items are always on hand when you need them.  If you and your supplier don’t see eye to eye now, they may start to be a little tardy with deliveries – enough to impact on your day-to-day business operation.

5 out of 10.

If your supplier relationship score is 5 out of 10 – or below – then it’s time to attend a  serious supplier relationship therapy workshop with the Academy of Procurement.  They know just how important it is for you and your suppliers to have happy and fulfilling relationships together. And they have the exact course you need to learn how to repair a damaged supplier relationship before it ends in divorce!

Workshop overview.

In this one-day Supplier Relationship Management Workshop, you’ll focus on designing, mobilising and managing structured improvement programs for your strategic suppliers and contracts. You’ll learn how to build and maintain strong supplier relationships so they’ll deliver better value for you.


There are many benefits of attending the Workshop, including:

  1. You’ll be more capable of aligning your suppliers to work co-operatively on joint projects with shared goals.
  2. There is less likelihood of your supplier contract outcomes failing to meet your expectations.
  3. You’ll understand the influencing and interpersonal skills you require to build effective supplier relationships.

The difference is our experienced facilitators.

Our facilitators make all the difference when you want to learn the How, the Why and the What of supplier relationship management.

You’ll learn how to design interactions with your strategic suppliers, and how to focus effort in proportion to risk, value and complexity.  You’ll also learn how to engage with and motivate your suppliers to align with structured improvement programs, and much more.

Future perfect.

Armed with the know how from your Academy of Procurement Workshop, you’ll be able to build up your failing 5 out of 10 score supplier relationships to passes with flying colours at 10 out of 10!

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