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Cryptocurrencies are endlessly fascinating.

Smart Contracts using Blockchain. Learn more on how businesses will engage using new age technology to effectively manage contractual obligations.

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Trust me I am in procurement

What role does trust play in Procurement? See how Procurement teams manage trust using Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology

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The Art of Contract Management

It’s easy to get excited about the purchase or acquisition of a good or service, especially when it can positively affect the way you do your day-to-day job, but contract management is a fine art that can’t be rushed and...

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Do you really know your stakeholders?

It’s late in the day and you’re thinking about home. Your phone rings. It’s your #1 challenging stakeholder ringing you at the 11th hour to get you to 'push something through' the system quickly. No prior warning, no apology and no discussion yet again...

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