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Is Adaptability a Procurement Skill?

Recruiting experts, Hays conducted a survey of 951 employers to discover what skills they believe are the most in demand (also, will continue to be in demand going forward). The top five skills turned out to be:

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Managing Your Supplier Performance

Auther: Ben Shute

When you have a contract with your supplier, it’s the beginning of an on-going relationship. You expect the supplier to keep performing, day after day, like clockwork – delivering goods and services to the same high standard, and...

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Getting Perspective on Procurement Capability

Again, according to Deloitte’s CPO Survey for 2017, 60% of CPO’s do not believe their teams has the skills to deliver the procurement strategy. Why does this belief persist? Is it true, partially true or a complete misconception? This is where it is crucial to...

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